Fonda Chen

Let's nerd out on strategy, usability, and pixels.

Currently designing digital products at The Washington Post. Previously worked with startups, an aircraft manufacturing company, local government, and non-profits. Some project highlights are below. For deeper work chats, you can find me on LinkedIn. Take care out there and keep it real. ✌

Election designs
Election 2020 at The Post: led design prep for native app components, collaborated with other designers in UX/UI of prep for different scenarios given the atypical year, evaluated data visualizations for usability/cognition and contributed to improvements.
Newsletter designs
Post newsletters: redesigned site page to improve off-site reading, created newsletter components for team design system, assessed redesign with usability testing.
Audio designs
Post audio: conducted research used to determine format for a new flagship Post podcast, redesigned site landing pages and created branding template, prototyped new platform experiences for smart speakers and cars.
Publishing tool designs
Post publishing tools: led research and design for various internal tools used to handle breaking news, story publishing, photo selection, and podcasts.
Prototype of new ad product and prototype of new reading feature
New products for The Post: prototyped new ideas focusing on reader engagement, including what became the company's best-performing ad unit and was sold to Arc Publishing clients.
Music visualization tool
Music visualization: created a personal tool that samples colors from user-generated images, then uses those colors to draw dots, and finally animates the dots to the pitch and beat of music.